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How It Works

At U.S Accurate we help you to bring to vision to the reality

Construction has become increasingly complex, with tighter schedules and smaller budgets. Use Building Information Modeling (BIM) software on-site and in the office to help streamline workflows, maintain more accurate information, and keep construction projects moving forward more predictably.

BIM is the success key.

Schedule an Estimate

We'll visit your home for free to talk about your remodeling ideas and make an in-person assessment on the work to be done. If applicable to your project, we'll also schedule an engineer or architect visit for free.

Process of the estimate
Process of the estimate

Receive a Proposal

Our estimator will create a proposal for you that includes a scope of work, the total cost of your project, and the duration of the project.

Secure Financing

If you needed, we will connect you to our finance team. 

Process of the estimate
material shopping

Materials Shopping

We'll help you find, select, buy, and schedule delivery of materials from local suppliers for your project. We'll also pass on our discounts to you!


When all the above steps taken care of we can start remodeling your home.

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