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US Accurate Construction Inc.

Regardless of the type of project you need, our friendly and experienced staff is ready to guide you through your home improvement project from inception to completion. With hundreds of custom renovation projects under our belt, there isn't a project we are not familiar with. We take pride in every project that we undertake and you can be sure that your home or project will receive the proper attention that it deserves.

All of our customers have been extremely happy and satisfied with the results of our work, whether it was a general home improvement project or a brand new home construction the results always exceeded their expectations.

You have a dream and a vision of what you want your home to look like; we have the knowledge and experience to make it a reality. We can make that vision a reality much sooner that you think.


Dust and Particulate Filters

Why this matters: All construction projects create a significant amount of dust and particulate debris. If you're planning to live in the home while our crews remodel or you plan on moving in shorty after a remodel is completed, you'll likely breath in harmful particulates if you don't wear respiratory PPE.

‍What we do:
 We use construction grade air purifiers to filter out all the debris and particulates released into the air so you won't have to worry about wearing PPE in your home while our crews are at work.

Crew Only

Why this matters: If you live in your home while the remodeling, you
probably won't want others sharing your restroom.

‍What we do: We bring in a portable toilets to every one of our job sites for our crews to use. These toilets are delivered when crews start, cleaned out regularly and is immediately picked up once the project is complete.

Tool & Debris
Clean Up

Why this matters: Construction debris & power tolls left on site can be a hazard to kids & pets in your home.

‍What we do: All our crews are instructed to haul away all construction debris from our job sites & take their power tools with them at the end of every day to keep your home hazard free.

Deep Clean

Why this matters: Construction projects will likely leave your in need of a cleaning.

What we do: After every one of our projects is completed, we hire a professional cleaning company to visit your home for a deep clean at no additional cost to you. Our goal is to leave your home better than we found it.

Custom Construction Times

Why this matters: Construction crews are inevitably going to be loud. If you work from home or have children that still need their nap - let's be honest, most of us still need a nap - the noise of construction can be a serious problem.

What we do: At your request, your project manager can schedule crews to work around these important parts of your daily routine.

Vapor and Debris Barriers

Why this matters: The use of various adhesives, paints, water proofing barriers and synthetic construction materials will release smelly & harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), into air.

‍What we do: We seal off the sections of the home our crews will work on with an impermeable plastic barrier in addition to the air filers mentioned above. This keeps the VOCs isolated to the construction site to either be filtered out or exhausted through a window.

We keep your home safe & usable throughout the remodel.

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