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If you're thinking about hiring Fred, do it!!! We were lucky enough to find Fred in July 2020 and successfully completed our home renovation in December 2020. We couldn't be happier with our old home turned new again!!

We had met and interacted with a number of contractors, but Fred stood out immediately as the most punctual and professional while also wearing the safest mask. We had a number of odd design problems with the house in addition to basic infrastructure replacement needs, and Fred was very quick to offer lots of out-of-the box solutions to each situation. He thinks big picture, and he has a positive 'can-do' approach. He looks for ways to make things happen instead of make excuses for why they can't. He is the perfect combination of being well-experienced and highly motivated in growing his business, ensuring he will be working his hardest to complete your job the right way and the way you want it.

We also were really impressed with his standards during COVID in terms of mask wearing/social distancing and ensuring all of his guys adhered to those policies as well. They were all incredibly respectful, hard-working, and trustworthy. They also kept a clean and secure job site.

The issues on our 75 year old house in Lafayette included windows/doors, exterior refinishing, plumbing, electrical as well as interior renovations of the kitchen, laundry room and basement area. We needed a little bit of everything, and we were thrilled to find Fred and his team does it all! And he has experts in each and every area to get it done right.

We definitely were in a bit over our heads going into this, but thank goodness we had Fred walking us through each and every step of the way! He was proactive in his communication, always on time and constantly reassuring us that they were up to the task, like with our custom solution for window trim that involved 3 different types of pieces. We found our fair share of unexpected surprises in our old house (and delays out of our hands due to COVID), and Fred took charge, figured everything out, shared fair prices when we found surprises, got things done and all in all ended up having a great experience!!

Fred is patient, fair, smart, creative and kind! Definitely someone you can trust with your home and you can rest easy he's doing things right!

We'll definitely be hiring Fred and his guys in the future!!!

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